The Union Pacific Challenger:  Our Signature Locomotive

We offer you choices for building your own 7 1⁄4 - 7 1⁄2  inch gauge live steam model of the Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger:

  • Rough castings
  • Machined castings
  • Machine drawings available with the purchase of our castings
  • Partial construction available: machining and assembly of selected sections
  • Reproductions of original Union Pacific Challenger drawings

Benefits of our Union Pacific Challenger offering:

  • Scaled down from original Union Pacific railroad drawings: Ensures high model accuracy
  • Unique among models: Largest, most powerful and only articulated model on the market
  • Exceptionally high quality product: Fully capable of producing a museum quality model
  • Professionally made patterns and molds: Cleaner, more accurate, beautiful castings
  • Castings made by top commercial foundries: Top quality, fewer casting problems
  • Top quality casting materials: Higher strength, better machinability, better finishes
  • Precision CNC machine work available: Greater accuracy, better finishes, smoother running
  • Hardened and ground parts available: Less wear, longer life expectancy
  • Powder coating available: Long-term protection and durability
  • Partial construction available: Our experience saves you time and guesswork

Chris Holland's Completed Challenger

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